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learning to lead a shabbat morning service

This page started in 2015 to provide material for a Webinar for students in Madrid. Therefore it is primarily based on the needs of this group. (The students also created the name of this side.) A group of people wanted to learn to lead a Progressive Shabbat Morning service for their congregation, using an Ashkenazi prayer book based on the North American conservative tradition (Siddur Sim Shalom) and the Ashkenasi musical structure, but integrating Spanish-Portuguese traditions where possible. - This reflects the liturgial situation of Spain today. - We tried to give tribute to both, today's congregants and the country's tradition. [The prayer book used is: מנחג רפאל Minjat Refael. Edited by Rabino Juan Mejia. It can be downloaded as pdf e-book here.) ---- Since the 2015 webinar I was asked by other people for recordings or material, so this side grew. But its main purporse at the moment is still to provide material following special requests, not to give a general self-explicatory introduction. (This may follow here later one day. ... and therefore it is also not styled very interestingly, it was meant to just deliver material quickly.)

The Shabbat Morning Service consists of various parts that are chanted, sung, read aloud or in silence.
The parts are:

  1. Birkot haShachar (Personal Preparation for prayer) page 64-83 [PDF 71-90]

  2. Pzukei deZimra (Communial Preparation for prayer) page 84-115 [PDF 91-122]

  3. Barchu and Qeriat Shema page 116-128 [PDF 123-135]

  4. Shabbat Morning Amidah page 129-146 [PDF 136-153]

  5. Torah Service page 146-165 [PDF 153-172]

  6. Mussaf Amida [not in Liberal services] page 166-176 [PDF 173-183]

  7. Concluding Prayers page 176-182 [PDF 184-189]

Start with learning the basic musical structure of the opening parts:

p. 64 ff

The opening part of the service consists of two parts:

Birkhot ha Shahar (Personal Preparation for Prayer) and Pzukei de Zimra (Communal Preparation for Prayer)

BASIC ; Learning the basic tune

LEVEL 2 ; prayers in detail


FOR A FESTIVAL SERVICE: the parts that are different.



p. 111 ff

Nishmat till Yotzer is done in Yishtabach Mode.

BASIC ; Learning the basic tune

BASIC: 115 Yishtabach blessing

LEVEL 2 ; prayers in detail

p. 119ff

After the hymn in Yotzer (el adon) the nusach changes into Ahavah Rabba Mode.

BASIC : Learning an opening and closing motive

BASIC : 131-137 The Amidah Endings

LEVEL 2 : Learning the prayers in detail

how it continues ...

Click here to learn the next parts (you can start from here with any of these parts). It would be great if different people take different parts in a service to get people involved, so that they identify with the service.

Opening Parts

From Nishmat Kol Chai onwards (incl. Shema - musically a preparation to the Amidah.) (On FESTIVALS one little change here!)

The Shabbat Amida
(the FESTIVAL Amidah.)

The Torah service,

The Concluding Prayers.