Why do we celebrate Shabbat ?  
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You will find the answer,
when you read the text of
the Kiddush for Erev Shabbat carefully.
Two different answers are hidden in this text.
A third answer is hidden in the kiddush for Shabbat morning.

Alternatively you may read the two versions of
the Ten Commandements
(The first in Shemot [Exodus 20, 1-14];
the second in Devarim [Deuteronomy]  5,6-18 and the song Veshamru [Exodus 31,16-17].



Guess the correct answer. If you show  the correct answer with your cursor, the word becomes red and something happens. If it was wrong, nothing will happen. Three answers are correct.


because we need to relax

there is no special reason, it's just a tradition

to have time for trips

to forget school

to remember the exit out of Egypt of our forefathers

to have time for our friends

to study

to celebrate the birthday of a famous rabbi

to sleep longer in the morning

as a sign of the covenant between God and Israel

to bring into the world a day of rest

to spare electricity

to reflect on the meaning and purpose of our lives

to be something special

to let the creation repose

to have fun

to remember the creation of the world


Three answers are correct.
The rest are  things, people do on shabbat,
but NOT the REASONS, why we have it.

ęDr. Annette M. Boeckler, 2005