What has to be in Hebrew ?



Nothing HAS to be said in Hebrew.
You can celebrate a worthy and nice Jewish Service
completly in a language, you understand.

Liberal Judaism
stresses the  importance to understand, what`s going on.

On the other hand,
many people are used to some wellknown parts of the service in Hebrew.
The sound of this lanquage is wellknown to them.
Hebrew connects the Jews all over the world.

Therefore think about the text, that everyone,
who will come to the service, should feel at home with.
Think about the guests from other countries, etc.

Hebrew is the language, which connects us with our ancestors
and with the land of Israel.
Some people say, that a service should have as much Hebrew parts as possible.

For some people prayer is a ritual. They don`t find it important to understand the text, but to recite the same words regularly as a daily ritual.


Nothing HAS to be said in Hebrew, but there are many reasons, to have Hebrew in the service.

Finally: Before not celebrating a service at all, because nobody dares to read Hebrew, it`s better to celebrate it completely in English (or any other language).



ęDr. Annette M. Boeckler, 2005