What can be changed and how?

You are free to choose form any sources available to to. Study your own books or the books of your parents or friends searching for good texts.

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Everything, which doesn't belong to the main parts, can be left out or changed.
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In LIBERAL congregation, we also use to add things, to make the service an experience or to learn.

The additions may be songs or texts or stories or a drasha or etc. Everything added should have to do something with the parashat hashavu'a or the special part of the service.



Texts and Meditations for Erev Shabbat


Before Candlelighting

After Candlelighting

Meditions for beginning


Before Kaddish


You can CHOSE one of these texts to add (but they don't have to be put in!!!)

Meditations before Lighting the Candles

See also our Black Prayer Book p. 136-139. These are the texts, from wich we normally chose.


In the spirit of our ancient tradition,
which unites and sanctifies the house of Israel
in all lands and ages,
we welcome the Sabbath
by kindling these lights.

(Siddur Lev Chadash p. 69)



sometimes I am not ready yet to receive you
but you are already there ...
sometimes the world, time,
rushes by and you are gone
before I ever noticed you ...
sometimes everbody stands in front of me
and I cannot see you
You were there, weren`t you?
sometimes we manage to arrive together
You are ready
I am rushed.
sometimes there is suddenly
a deep peace
and an intence quiet by candlelight
I whisper breathlessly:
Gut Shabbes

(c) Sarah Hartog, 16. July 1999, translated from Netherlands by Jaqueline Rothschild


Almighty God,
Grant me and all my loved ones
A chance to truly rest on this Shabbat.
May the light of the candles drive out from amoung us
The spirit of anger, the spirit of harm.
Send your blessing to your children,
That they may walk in the ways of your Torah, your light.

Shas Tkhines (Gates of Prayer, p. 38)


Draw near, Eternal God, as working day turns to Sabbath rest.
You have been with us all the week,
and yet we have often forgotten you.
Now by kindling these lights,
we say Your name, remembering the love You have shown us,
and in gratitude and thanks we turn to You,
to bathe our hungry souls in Your kindness.

(Siddur Lev Chadash, p. 84)


`The people who walked in darkness
have seen a great light.`
In the past week some have known sorrow or disappointment,
and for some the future looks far from bright.
Let this Sabbath be an oasis of quietness.
To the lonely may it bring companionship;
to the sorrowing, comfort;
to the dispirited, courage;
to all of us, peace of mind and hope for the future.

(Siddur Lev Chadash, p. 88)



You can CHOSE one of these texts to add (but they don't have to be put in!!!)

Meditations after Lighting the Candles

`May the new light shine upon Zion,
and may we be worthy to see its splendour.`
On this day may we see the world in a new light.
On this day let us be freeed from desire for gain,
from ambition for material things.
On this day let us look beyond time and space towards eternity,
and know the blessing of peace.

(Siddur Lev Chadash, p. 84)


The Sabbath has descended to enfold us in its mantle of peace.
It brings to us the precious gift of time:
time to embrace family and friends,
to reflect more deeply on the meaning and purpose of our lives,
and to worship in the beauty of holiness.
May our Sabbaths always be sanctuaries of love and devotion,
bringing contentment to our hearts,
happiness to our homes and blessing to our people.

(Siddur Lev Chadash p. 75)



You can CHOSE one of these texts to add (but they don't have to be put in!!!)

Meditations for the beginning of the service

In preparation ...
There are many meditions in Liberal Jewish Prayer Books.



You can CHOSE one of these texts to add (but they don't have to be put in!!!)

For Parashat Ekev

In recent generations our people have returned in multitudes, from all the lands of their dispersion, to fulfill the ancient prophecies, the unforgotten hopes, the persistent dreams, to turn the wilderness into a garden, and to create a haven for the persecuted.
The age-old bond between the House fo Israel and the land of Israel has been renewed in ways that have astounded the world and in a manner as extraordinary as anything that has happened in recent history. For that we give thanks.

(Siddur Lev Chadash p. 335)


We, more than previous generations, are aware that other traditions have their own merits, and their own valid perceptions of religious truth. The God of all humanity calls every one of the families of the earth to make its contribution. Therefore we do not claim to be chosen in any exclusive sence. But non of that absolves us from our own, special responsibility.

(Siddur Lev Chadash p. 172)



You can CHOSE one of these texts to add (but they don't have to be put in!!!)

Meditations and texts before Kaddish

See our Black Prayer Book p. 460 (Memoral Prayer for Servicemen)
This is the text, we normally chose.


Creator of the universe. You give us life, in which joys and sorrows are commingled in accordance with Your wisdom; and You send death, with its promise of eternal peace. Teach us to accept humbly and courageously whatever burden is laid upon us. Comfort those who mourn, and let the light of faith illumine the darkness of their sorrow with the hope of immortality. Strengthen us at all times with an unfailing trust in Your providence.

(Siddur Lev Chadash p. 522)

Life is finite. Like a candle, it burns, it glows, it is radiant with warmth and beauty; then it fades; its substance is consumed, and it is no more. Yet we do not despair, for we know that we are more than a flickering flame. With our lives we give life. Something of us can never die. We move in the eternal cycle of darkness and light, of death and life. As in our hearts we name our loved ones, we pray that the Divince Presence will comfort us and all who mourn.

(Siddur Lev Chadash p. 523)