Recommended Material for learning Nusach in the Internet
Overview of all Nusach for all services of the year (pps) Theoretical Overview (Eastern European Tradition) (for Weekday, Shabbat, Festivals, High Holidays, Life Cycle and more)

Erev Shabbat (Western European / Dutch traditions)
Shabbat Shaharit (Western European / Dutch traditions)

Shelosh Regalim Evening Services (Western European / Dutch tradition)
Shelosh Regalim Morning Service (Western European / Dutch tradition)
Nusach for individual prayers or prayer-parts
Megillat Esther (Eastern European, based on Binder), chanted by Eli Schleifer

Megillat Esther (Eastern European), chanted by Josh Scharfman (
Megillat Esther chanting Trop