Web directories

Google is a search machine that crawles ALL pages in the Internet. It is a commercial tool, companies can pay for their ranking, one can influence in many ways that one appears on top. For researchers the findings in google are not always satisfactory, as one finds too much or too unqualified material. Often one needs to search instead in a limited but qualified pool of pages.
This can be done in so called Web directories. They are human-made, that means: you don't find what the person who edited it did not know. But you do find qualified pages related to your special research area and not just anything accidentally. Listed below are recommended Web directories for researchers in Bible or Jewish Studies or congregational work.

Before you start: How to evaluate Websites
misc. with Jewish Studies included Open directory dmoz

Webmaster Directory

Virtual Library
Jewish Studies only Jewish Virtual Library

Academic Jewish Studies Internet directory
Pastoral care, Medizin medmark.org
periodicals JSTOR (misc.)
RAMBI (Jewish Studies only)
library catalogue directory KVK
collected by Annette M. Boeckler